Personalized Training Plans

At Tri Nirvana, we specialize in facilitating progressive improvements in performance according to the athlete's target with an aim to become an optimized, balanced & complete competitor. The keyword here is balanced. No matter what your experience, we create a training calendar that fits you & your lifestyle. If you're a total noob & looking to complete your first Sprint triathlon or a seasoned Elite, we'll design your progression & time your peak to perfection, so you can smash your goals & become the inspiration.

Our Personalized Training Plans are available worldwide & our Coaches are available on WhatsApp & Skype for consultation & advice. We use the platform 'Training Peaks' to design & deliver your personalized workouts everyday making sure that your performance reaches peak at the right time - your priority races. Your workouts & calendar will adapt to your schedule & take into account your current fitness, fatigue & form.

Click to connect to our Training Peaks Account. Once connected you will be able to start receiving workouts! Yeah! But first we need to know more about you and your goals. Please complete this form so we can synthesize your athletic progression.