We believe in fostering relationships with athletes who share our values and who are driven individuals.


We've always got an eye on what you're up to..


No slacking! No weak stuff!

We've been breaking through, picking up podiums & collecting the most practical & most effective training methods & tips from the best. 

Now it's your turn! Level up for your next race - swim/bike/run

Our personalised coaching plans are aimed at triathletes training towards all distances: sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and full ironman distance races and can be adjusted & calibrated to fit your busy schedule or race calendar for 2017 & beyond.


We pride ourselves on being the most dynamic & flexible coaching team in the region


Sit back, relax.. but get the training donE!


Get to your goal faster!


Surprise yourself & your social circles!

Receive daily workouts and instructions directly from your personal triathlon coach. No need to go searching high and low for those free & generic online plans. We'll do your research analyze your current fitness, fatigue and form to create a customized personalized and constantly adapting training plan to fit your lifestyle. 

No matter what race you have coming up, Tri Nirvana will design your personal plan for you so all you have to do is get it done and claim your place on the podium.

After three years on the local triathlon circuit I've raise my game I'm still gunning for the number one spot in Thailand. Let me be your guide and let's get you to your goal faster.

Catch the sun!