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With TRI NIRVANA's Private Sessions, you'll be on the podium in no time as your amazed friends turn to YOU for guidance & motivation. The Pro Triathlete Coaching team (Sam & Smart) are specialists in all aspects of Triathlon Training & Racing and are ready to share their knowledge with you! Are you ready to take the next step to becoming the INSPIRATION for your followers?

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Training for Ironman? Total beginner or seasoned Elite?  Tri Nirvana understands that you need a personalized training plan that fits your lifestyle. We design your progression & time your peak to perfection, so you can smash your goals & become the inspiration. Adjustments to your schedule are made in real-time so you can satisfy your work/life/train balance.

Next stop: Ironman AG World Championships, Kona, Hawaii

Next stop: Ironman AG World Championships, Kona, Hawaii

Dale Jamieson - Ironman Distance

Meet Tri Nirvana’s most advanced triathlete. From the quaint town of Ferny Creek, Victoria, Australia, Dale completed his 2017 mission of qualifying for the 2018 Ironman AG World Championships in Kona Hawaii. 

Whilst working full-time at Henkel, Bangkok, Dale rapidly developed his performance level throughout 2017, racing in a broad variety of triathlons, picking up podiums all over Thailand & the Asia-Pacific region. His key strengths lay in his bike to run transition & ability to finish strong.

Tri Nirvana has designed an adaptive personal training plan for Dale that has focused on what he needs for each stage of the season, giving him the ability to race competitively at several distances.

With his sights firmly set on his priority race, Dale is in perfect condition to time his peak to perfection come race day.

Kung, the Thai WonderWoman is ready to take on 2018!

Kung, the Thai WonderWoman is ready to take on 2018!

Kung Tassawan - Olympic Distance

Meet the WonderWoman of Tri Nirvana! Kung Tassawan is a 1st year Triathlete who has leveled up throughout her rookie year becoming the fastest rising star on the Tri Nirvana roster.

In 2017, Kung has raised her level of performance & is looking to finish the year with a BANG at the Sattahip triathlon, standard distance.

Tri Nirvana has motivated Kung to an all-time high-level of fitness & confidence. Her drive & consistency in training has allowed her to take full advantage of Tri Nirvana’s progressive, adaptive & target-based personalized training plan & pushed her to new levels she never knew she had in her!

Looking for yet another star rising in 2018!

Ken Sethi the Tri Dash BKK PR KING!

Ken Sethi the Tri Dash BKK PR KING!

Ken Sethi - Sprint Distance

Ken is a first year triathlete who has achieved an incredible feat of consecutive TRI DASH BANGKOK personal bests throughout 2017. On every occasion, Ken has smashed his goal & set a new record for himself to overcome the next time.

Although beginning the year at a less than desirable level of fitness & health, he has managed to stick to his personalised Tri Nirvana training plan & lost over 10kg in body weight!

Despite his achilles heal - the swim, he continues to fight hard, devoting extra time in the open waters & improve on his secret strength - the bike & run. Ken topped off his 2017 season with a strong finish at the Sattahip Triathlon. This progression has helped him take big steps towards extending his range closer to the Olympic distance for 2018.

Ken’s enhanced levels of health & fitness has raised his confidence & allowed him to be a true inspiration for his friends & family.

Let’s make it an Olympic 2018! What do you say Ken? Let’s do this!


Custom programs to fit your needs

Our personalised coaching plans are aimed at triathletes training towards all distances: sprint, Olympic, 70.3 and full ironman distance races and can be adjusted & calibrated to fit your busy schedule or race calendar for 2018 & beyond.

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DrSWIM is the latest interactive & personal 1-to-1 training service for the driven triathlete. This is how it works:

  1. Analysis: See your swim stroke close-up in HD with TRI NIRVANA's LaserVDO analysis.
  2. Diagnosis: Receive LIVE feedback & response from our top coaches.
  3. Dr's Orders: +Get 3 personal limiter swim drills chosen specifically for you to take home & boost your swim, and +Get 2 swim workouts designed just for you by TRI NIRVANA pro triathletes.

All it takes is 45minutes!