Tri NIrvana Training Camps in Paradise

We're proud to introduce our Tri Nirvana exclusive Triathlon & Multisport training location in the secluded shanty village paradise of Sichon, Nakorn Is Thammarat! We've been luck enough to find a remote location with everything you need for a dream training vacation away from all the chaos of modern life. 
Our Southern HQ boasts arguably the best natural open water swimming environment - a vast & open, still & shallow bay perfect for beginners (take a look at the video below).
With an off chance of encountering some pink dolphins on their way through on their weekly travels - don't worry, they're super friendly & super cute! 
For more immediate information on availability & seasonal information please contact Sam directly via email:
or Skype: Olympicsam
...& book your greatest ever training block in paradise for you & your team with local pros guiding you & leading the way to your own personal TRI NIRVANA!